Ten reasons to stay on a farm

Today we are bombarded by choice which the Internet serves upon a brimming plate, but how do we really decide? How do we really make choices one over the other?  Whilst the choices are seeming endless, we must look to our hearts to satisfy every part of the rural ideal that draws us to back to nature.

Set in the heart of Shakespeare’s England, our guests tell us just ten things that make our farm stay work for their family holiday:

  1. Living and working on our farm which hosts our guests allows a glimpse of once forgotten rural life
  2. Producing our own electricity through our solar Pannels lessens our carbon footprint of our business and of our guests staying on our farm.
  3. Buying Lamb and Pork directly from the farm helps our guests contribute to local sustainability.
  4. Centred at he heart of all we do, happy children make happy parents, so we look to involve all in daily life on the farm.
  5. Combining rural life with the close proximity of Stratford upon Avon and all that the midlands has to offer our farm provided the perfect combination.
  6. Lambing on the farm gives a wholesome insight to the importance of life in our fast paced world.
  7. Collecting freshly laid eggs for breakfast and serving with Oaks Barn Farm sausages provides a taste second to none.
  8. Picking apples from the tree crisp with the morning autumnal dew is the only way to truly appreciate nature at its finest.
  9. Watching the sun go down on a perfect day leaves you with so much more than a memory.
  10. Guest farm accommodation sits at the heart of the farm affording the insight of our rural retreat.

Visit us soon at http://bit.ly/AccommodationOptions

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