Key items to make your perfect holiday

I’ve spent a lifetime travelling, in the early days on foot as a mountaineer, in North Wales, the Lake District and Scotland, I’ve had the pleasure of walking Wainwright’s Coast to Coast from St Bee’s Head to Robin Hoods Bay and worked as a Training Officer for an expedition to Guyana. Through all of these experiences I’ve seen that any fool can be cold and uncomfortable, so the tips that follow are designed to deal with both the foreseen and surprises that travel throws at you.

A water bottle

Pizz Bun P20 one application lasts all day

Insect repellant and bite cream

A pin and matches for blister treatment

First aid kit

Dyoralite black currant flavour

Paracetamol and indigestion tablets

Waterproof jacket even in a hot climate it rains

Mobile phone

iPad loaded with downloads for long flights

A set of beats fold away headphones and charger

Power monkey charger and leads

BBC radio app for Desert Island Disks

YouTube for listening to Willie Nelson Tracks


A small umbrella

A leather man

Nail clippers

40 ltr Day sack with plenty of pockets mine has a detachable wp cover which has many other uses.

A hammock


Reading glasses

Quick dry towel

A cool bag

Toilet roll

Sealable bags

Kitchen foil

Para cord

Clothes pegs

A hat sun/fleece

A fleece

Small fresh water spray


Swim shorts

A good watch

Led torch

Cable ties

Light weight ratchet strap

2 carabinas

Yorkshire tea bags (there is no alternative)

Hard cased wheeled flight bag

Hard cased wheeled suit case

This list is not definitive please comment with your essential/luxury travel item

Thank you for reading

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