Measuring our Contribution

In a world where travel is how we relax and escape the trappings of our modern society I spent some time today to calculate the true value of what our guests contribute when booking a farm Stay with us.

I have based the contribution on a few assumptions for a typical 7 night stay, these are as follows:

  1. That a family will eat out on average 4 meals during their stay.
  2. That the family will also have one takeaway during their stay.
  3. As our accommodation is self catering the family will source some of their food from local producers.
  4. The family will visit 2 paid attractions during their stay.
  5. The family will refuel their car for the return journey home.
  6. Half our guests will book an air Rifle workshop during their stay.
  7. Each family will have 2 teas/coffees out during their stay
  8. And each family group will typically drink out at one of our many local pubs.
  9. All of our guests will leave us a 5 bubble review on trip advisor and recommend us to 3 of their friends!
  10. Each of our guests will leave with a fond memory of their time spent at Oaks Barn Farm.

Collectively each year our guests spend £173,400 for both their farm stay and their spend with local businesses

Both Sue and I are both now employed on the farm.

Consistently through infrastructure development of our farm Stay our annual spend has exceeded £100,000.

We buy £5500 of UK produced sustainable wood pellets to heat both the farm and our accommodation.

With our solar panels the farm produces more electricity than we use each year with surplus power returned to the grid.

All that said we are more than a little bit proud of our business and what it puts back.

For more information on our Farm Stay Options please follow the link below:

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