A Sustainable green holiday destination

Why Oaks Barn Farm Family Farm Stay is greener than the fields that surround us:

✓ Solar panels generate two thirds of our electricity used on the farm.

✓ Our electric car charge point works on an eco plus mode, only charging when solar panels are generating excess power to the farms use, so all electricity through our car charge point is truly green and fully sustainable.

✓ Our three properties each sleeping 6 persons are insulated with cellotex maximising the use of all heat input to the property.

✓ Our properties are heated by a district heating system supplied by a biomass boiler heated by sustainable wood pellets.

✓ All laundry is managed on site, eliminating transportation costs both in terms of price and its impact on our environment

✓ Excess heat is diverted into our drying room which both dries and airs all of our bed linen, eliminating the need for ironing and at the same time minimising our carbon footprint.

✓ Our lamb is reared on the farm and pasture fed. These are sold to our growing customer base and sold locally minimising stress to our livestock and maximising welfare through every part of the food chain.

✓ Our hens supply enough eggs for ourselves and our guests, they graze freely in the orchard and their eggs reflect in flavour our every attention to detail.

✓ Shepherd’s View is locally sourced British made, and allows our guests to be fully at the heart of nature without compromising on comfort.

✓ Our orchard provides fruit for our own use with surplus for our guests.

✓ Our greenhouse provides seasonal produce and gives us an advanced start to the growing season.

✓ In our surrounding fields we have breeding buzzards, barn and tawny owl and deer from the adjacent Ragley Estate.

✓ Our salt water hot tubs provide a chemical free alternative to total relaxation which of course is heated and powered from our solar panels. The waste water is used for land irrigation.

✓ As with many rural locations WiFi speeds and downloads are often compromised, so this year we have invested in 4G technology to provide high speed access for all of our guests.

✓ Our pigs graze live in a traditional brick built pen and feast upon fruit and vegetables from our orchard and kitchen garden.

✓ Guest waste is processed on site generating 6240 litres of recyclable paper and cardboard, 12480 litres of glass tin and plastic recyclables, against 12480 litres of general waste (landfill). So out output totals comprise 60% recyclables over to 40% landfill and we are working with both guests and suppliers to reduce this output.

For more information on booking a Farm Stay with us http://bit.ly/AccommodationOptions

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