Farmer gets Smart Technology to Reduce Co2 footprint

With much in the media on farmers being responsible for Global Warming, I like many other farmers are keen to get the message out there that; contrary to what is reported many of us in the industry are making huge advances to reduce our impact, some are tipping the balance.

Today has seen the commisioning of A Sunny Boy Home manager at Oaks Barn Farm. Behind all of the complexity of the install and some Smart bits of Software we are now able to monitor the volume of Green Energy produced on the farm compared with our consumption this information is collected and will be used to inform our future battery purchase.

In this instance size really does matter, too big and the battery is under utilized and never fully empties causing the battery life to shorten, too small and the battery will not store sufficient energy to maximise the use of energy currently exported to the grid.

Our farm currently produces 8563 kw per annum averaging 23.5kw per day and we use 2836kw of night units pa and 6920kw of day units. we anticipate that much of our high usage occurs during the night. so plan to get a battery to optimise the power produced, using it when we need it rather than paying for energy which is not Co2 efficient.

The install has been carried out by our approved supplier Pro-Fit Energy who also service and maintain our Biomas boiler on site.

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